1. Coconut-crusted tilapia with a pretty pomegranate salsa: Coconut-crusted tilapia with a pretty pomegranate salsa: howsweeteats.com You get points for using unusual ingredients, even when it isn’t actually any more complicated. Get the recipe. 2. A low-maintenance but very chic kale risotto: A low-maintenance but very chic kale risotto: bonappetit.com The beauty of this vegetarian risotmore

Writing about food in your profile results in an increase in inbound messages. Mention the word “cook” and you could receive 26% more messages. Call yourself a “foodie” and that number might jump to 82%. Mentioning guacamole, potatoes, or chocolate in your profile earned over 100% more incoming messages than the average. 59% of women said they have a negative perception of dates who suggest gomore

Here are 13 romantic dinner date ideas that are unique and fun, and most definitely memorable and romantic. If you’re bored of the regular routine, try these date ideas. You may just end up having a lot of fun with each other. #1 A home cooked meal. If you’re a good chef, show off your culinary skills by inviting your date over for dinner at home. This isn’t a good option for a first date becausmore

1. Expectation: At a dinner party, you catch the eye of a cute guy. You chat all night over delicious brie en route and he asks you if you want to go to drinks the following week. dateplate Reality: You finally find someone on OK Cupid who looks like his interests might not include "skinning women." 2. Expectation: You spend the next week text-bantering. Reality: You exchange two messmore

So you're sitting, vibing, getting in some action like the couple in this pic, then when it comes time to pay he hands them a Groupon. Wait...whhhaaaaaa? I was reading a piece in TIME that says people seem to be more attracted to those who save their money. After referencing an old study from last fall that where more than one quarter of participants admitted they've used a coupon on a date, I almore

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